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Castle Tree Farm provided the 1998 White House Christmas Tree and has furnished many trees for Universal Studio movie sets.Meyer's Castle Tree Farm produces high quality, Wisconsin grown, Christmas trees for wholesale buyers and distributors. Our trees are hand butt-pruned resulting in high vitality, maximum color Christmas trees for home, business or church use.

All Christmas trees are hand selected for sale by one person to maintain consistent quality control.

Balsam transplants, seedlings and seed available every year.


Castle Tree Farm is located 3 miles west of Medford, Wisconsin, on Hwy. 64. Then 2 1/2 miles north on Castle Road. Sign at driveway entrance.


premium no. 1 balsam fir
Size Price Size Price
3 to 5 foot (Table Trees) $8.50 11 foot $45.50
7 to 8 foot $19.50 12 foot $60.00
8 to 9 foot $21.50 13 foot $65.00
9 to 10 foot $24.50 14 foot $75.00
10 foot $27.50 15 foot 80.00
Size Price Size Price
16 foot $95.00 20 foot $185.00
18 foot $145.00 22 foot $245.00
Over 22 foot Please Inquire About Price.

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Contact Information

If you would like more information, want a free brochure or want us to contact you, please fill out our on-line request form. Or you can contact us at:

Gary & Kris Meyer
Meyer's Castle Tree Farm
MCT #67
Medford, WI 54451

Phone:Home - (715) 748-5099
Cell - (715) 560-1209Farm - (715) 748-6805
Fax: (715)

Trees from 3 feet to 60 feet

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